Monday, January 13, 2014


Mike Bonheim (right) with an associate (left) married with two children has been snagged on the internet attempting to bully a fellow town resident at a town Facebook wall. However, Mike Bonheim's bullying started in school according to a fellow classmate of his, who after seeing his picture (same as above) posted on-line and then notified FB poster that Mike Bonheim got a kid expelled from school as fellow classmate because he didn't like what his classmate verbally said. Since Mike Bonheim's high school years, his actions on line have attracted negative reaction to his bulling episodes. Zero tolerance for bullying today and police can be contacted about information leading to the arrest of a bully. Why would someone like Mike Bonheim bully people. According to professionals, bullying starts as child and has a direct connection with their mental state of affairs. Their antics explode as times goes on and in some cases can cause death of people they bully. Latest attempt by Mike Bonheim to bully a fellow poster on town FB website got the ax by monitor of town website, who sent Mike Bonheim's thread of bulling to attacked poster and then deleted thread.